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Bathroom Pods

Bathrooms account for approximately 8-10% of the capital cost of a hotel or residential development construction budget, but a far higher percentage of site management time, schedule delays and defect-list problems are rarely accounted for.

Using bathroom Pods lowers construction costs by reducing construction time, improving quality, and eliminating the bathroom defects list. With traditional building, a multitude of trades need to be organized to realize the bathroom design.

This requires a high degree of supervision and management on site to ensure correct sequencing and quality of work from plumbers, electricians, tilers, floor layers, sealant applicators, decorators, glaziers, carpenters and other specialists.

Bathroom pods do away with most of these issues and savings from waste and improved quality result in less snagging and better performance in use. More significantly, reduced construction times mean earlier income streams from the property.

Some of the benifits of using Connex Offsite Bathroom Pods are:

Centralized Control ·Purchasing for the lead contractor is simplified with one contractor. Buying a number of trades and materials from one source reduces procurement resource time and effort resulting in cost savings.  Sustainability

Factory manufacturing is inherently less wasteful than traditional forms of construction and thus more sustainable, specifically. Recent life cycle analysis has demonstrated that off-site construction methods reduce the overall impact on the environment by at least 40%. Lower waste to landfill reducing on-site waste removal and disposal costs

Factory waste material is typically less than 1.5% compared with 7%+ on a traditional construction site and  recycling of waste is more reliably controlled in a factory environment than it is on-site


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